10 hairstyles for long hair with fringe

Discover the best 10 women hairstyles for long hair with fringe. Find out ideas how to cut your hair by yourself or by your hairdresser. Have a nice time surfing LosHairos.com

Perfect full fringe haircut on chocolate brown hair

This classic straight fringe style focuses the look on your facial features. It suits especially to women with oval face shape. The rest of the hair is just simply trimmed straight, so its density and natural shine pops out.

dark brown hair with full fringe

Perfect full fringe haircut on chocolate brown hair. © Andrew O’Toole. Source: www.hji.co.uk

Full fringe haircut also works for fine hair

If your hair is not that thick, don´t worry, you can enjoy a similar hairstyle with just appropriate improvements. Fringe is made from smaller amount of hair, it´s lighter and less dense, so you can see parts of forehead. Also the rest of the hair looks airy, thanks to the textured haircut.

full fringe haircut for long fine hair

Full fringe haircut also works for fine hair. © Anthony Mascolo,Roberto Aguilar, Ben Cook and Kris. Source: ww.hji.co.uk

Edgy asymmetric fringe with ombre

When you love a bit of extravagance, try this asymmetric hairstyle. Fringe is thick and cutted obliquely, as well as the rest of the hair. In order to emphasize the effect, the longer ends of hair are dyed with a fashionable purple colour.

asymmetric fringe with purple ombre

Edgy asymmetric fringe paired with purple ombre. © N/A.

Voluminous side swept fringe with layered haircut

Another hairstyle suitable for women with thicker hair, where the volume of the hair is left on the top part and toward ends is getting thinner. The fringe overlies the most of the forehead, and begins on one side in a round shape which lines around the eyes.

voluminous side swept fringe

Voluminous side swept fringe with layered haircut. © Sarah Silver. Source: www.hji.co.uk

Romantic hairstyle with loose waves and side swept fringe

Similar hairstyle, but a little bit more romantic. Density of the hair is concentrated on the top of the head again and accompanied with romantic looking waves. You can easily make these waves using a hair straightener. Each strand of the hair is defined with „tone in tone“ highlights.

side swept fringe and waves

Romantic hairstyle with loose waves and side swept fringe. © N/A.

Modern long women hairstyle with fringe

Popular ombre style with casual waves and light fringe creates really modern and feminine hairstyle. Hairstyle is airy and voluminous, but at the same time looks casually elegant. If your face features are a bit more edgy and you have high forehead, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

subtle ombre and fringe

Subtle ombre with fringe – perfect modern women hairstyle. © N/A

Messy hairstyle with fringe not only for teens

This hairstyle is something like more cheeky and younger version of the previous one. The contrast between the darker roots and lighter ends is more visible. At the same time the hair and mainly the fringe are more textured, which gives this hairstyle a nice messy look. So it is simple to style, something like „wake up and go“. You can also use a small amount of styling hair gel to define some strands of hair.

messy hairstyle with fringe and ombre

Young and cheeky messy hairstyle with fringe and ombre. © N/A.

Elegant hairstyle with middle part fringe

If you think that fringe and middle part hair doesn´t get along, you´re mistaken. Fringe shouldn´t be too thick or too thin, so the result wouldn´t look like random shape of your hair. You have to cut your fringe in the middle, a little bit, to make this part shorter and easier to style.

middle part fringe Olga Kurylenko

Elegant hairstyle with middle part fringe on Olga Kurylenko. © N/A

Hairstyle with middle part fringe and waves

When your fringe is in growing proces and you don´t know how to style it, try this hairstyle. Part the fringe in the middle and style it with hair straightener for a side swept look. Overall look is supported with perfect textured waves.

middle part fringe and waves

The perfect combo – middle part fringe and waves. © Franck Provost.

Hairstyle with long side-swept fringe and highlights

Growing fringe can look very elegant and fresh thanks to the soft shading and highlights. It also takes plasticity to the hairstyle. To achieve this effect, blow dry your hair with round brush to give the fringe the right shape and perfect look.

growing sideswept fringe with highlights

Sultry look with long side-swept fringe and highlights. © Justin Jonah Ng. Source: www.hji.co.uk

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