3 short haircuts for sexy men

Semi-long men’s hairstyles are fashionable in recent years, but some men can not give up to have short men’s haircut. In the past, this type of haircut belonged mainly to soldiers who have their hair completely shawed. Nowadays, short hairstyle with hair length of about half a centimeter (0.2 in) are more modern. Moreover, men can also shave their heads with razors or hair clipper by themselves.

In this article, we will look at the three men short haircuts and show you examples of hair on the heads of celebrities and ordinary people on their heads.

1. Short men hair evenly cut

This type of haircut is one of the shortest men’s haircut (completely shaven head is neither hairstyle not haircut). We are talking about the hair length not less than 2 mm (0.08 in), but not more than 4 mm (0.16 in). This type of hairstyle is commonly worn by female sex symbol, American actor and former model, Shemar Moore.

short men hair

Shemar Moore and his short hair. © N/A

Military haircut for men

Military haircut for casual time. © N/A

2 Men’s hairstyle shorter on sides, longer on top

The second sub-heading of this article tells us about what kind of hairstyle are we going to show you. It consists of two parts – both sides of your head are short cut at approx. 3 mm (0.12 in) and the rest is at least one mm (0.04 in) longer. Among celebrities, we can find it on Zac Efron. This haircut seems simple, but the key is to identify a difference between the shorter and longer hair. Copy the natural surface of your skull or cut also your back hair above neck, or just shave only the area above one ear.

sexy short men hairstyle

Sexy short men hairstyle, Zac Efron. © Socialite Life

hair short on the sides top head long hair

Man haircut with shaved sides and longer hair on top. © alexscissors.wordpress.com

3. Men’s short haircut – mohawk

This type of men’s haircut comes from American Indians of the prairies. Such a haircut had famous actor, formerly wrestler, Mr. T. Before you start to cut your hair, think about a thickness of the strip you want to keep on top of your head. Start from the sides of the middle strip and cut your hair down to the neck. Then shorten top hair with hair clipper to desired length. In the second picture below, You can get inspiration from Mark Salling hairstyle, in the second picture below.

mohawk hairstyle short men

Mark Salling, short mohawk hairstyle for men. © N/A

men mohawk haircut

Men’s mohawk haircut. © Christian Haugen (www.175days.no)

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