Long women hair shaved side

New trendy fashion hairstyle? Not really…

Fashion trend that had been already set up in the 80th by David Bowie, is hairstyle that combines long hair with short shaved on one side. This type of hairstyles were associated mainly with the punk or gothic followers, but nowadays more and more frequently among the celebrities and “ordinary” people. So let’s read about this trendy hairstyle more.

long semishaved hairstyle

Long hair with short cut on one side, with color. Source: frontarmy.com

Shaving the side hair

Although it may seems to be easy at first glance, creating such a hairstyle is not so simple. First, you should think about the result effect of your new hairstyle, secondly, rather put the trim to hands of your hairdresser. However, ask him or her whether he/she has the experience with this kind of hairstyle. If not, do not let him/her to experiment with your own hair. But additional haircare can be done by yourself. For example, when your hair grow up, you can trim them by hairclipper.

Long hair shaved side

Long hair with shaved side doesn’t fit to everyone. But if you have decided for this hairstyle, choose a haircut that fits you best.

Among the celebrities who like to wear this type of haircut, you will certainly find the American singer Rihanna and British model Alice Dellal.

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