Short shaggy hairstyles for men

Have you ever noticed that short shaggy hairstyles are widespread among male celebrities? Although at the first glance, this type of hairstyle looks messy, but the opposite is true – it is necessary to spend the same care and time than with any other men’s hairstyle. Men with shaggy hairstyles are sexy, so it is worth the time invested. So, what is going on?

Short shaggy men’s hairstyle

Not every short shaggy hairstyle could be supposed to be “shaggy”. Surely, the shaggy hairstyle does not mean what most of men have on their heads after waking up. It is not enough to sleep deeply to achieve this hairstyle.

short shaggy hairstyles

Short shaggy man hairstyle by Douglas Booth. © N/A

It is essential to think ahead about the final effect you want to achieve. If you go to the theater, shaggy hairstyle should be “milder”, but if you go out with your friends, your have free hands”. You can create the short shaggy hairstyle with styling gel or foam (medium hold is enough). Just put a little bit on your fingers and try to ruffle the hair and alter the shape of your hair to your vision. If oyu have longer hair, it is fine to lean forward and with one hand lift your hair and with other put gel (or foam) inside (your hairstyle). You can fix the hair with a hair dryer or just let them dry in the air.

The ideal hair length for this type of hairstyle is short or semi-long. If you have long hair, it not only looks good, but is also difficult to reach shaggy effect.


Get inspired by celebrities – men’s short shaggy haircuts like to use Brad Pitt or Zac Efron, as an example.

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