Thin hair and how to add them volume

Thin hair

The reasons why some people have thin hair and the others thick, are especially genetics, lifestyle, hair care, as well as diet. The genetic background do much, but you can influence the rest. So go ahead and read about tips and tricks to add volume to your thin hair.

First, nutrition is important – proper diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals is very useful. Also, the elimination of stressful situations, adequate rest and healthy movement are steps in the right direction. These changes work from inside, but the effect is necessary to strengthen from the outside and care about the hair itself.

Cut and wash of the thin hair

The proper haircut is essential. It should be airy, shorter on top, longer on bottom. The same length long hair can lead to the impression of thin hair without volume.

Shampoos with hair volume “formulas” contain special substances that lift the hair and products with silicone and keratin serve as a very good support. If your have more greasy hair, wash them every day. However, to avoid excessive drying and make them easier to comb, use a little amount of conditioner when washing (apply only to the ends of your hair).

Before drying, try to apply a small amount of foam to expand your hair. Dry your hair natural way by the air or gently scuff them with your fingers when using a hair dryer (change warmer and colder air). To support the expand effect of the foam, try a simple trick: lean forward and gently scuff your hair with fingers, then dry with hair dryer, and repeat again. By this, you slightly lift hair roots and add a little bit of volume.

Adding volume to your thin hair

Thin hair are unnecessarily burden by the number of products. But if you need to adjust you hairstyle, use a small amount of hair spray. Hair gels and waxes are heavier and make you hair look more greasy.

Adding optical volume to thin hair

Also by using highlights, you can optically add volume to your hair. Therefore, significantly brighter hair strands as well as brightening of 2 levels of hair shade are practical helpers.

Another way how to add volume to hair is to use hair clips with synthetic hair strands. The variety is really great, with different lengths and colors. Hair clips can be also colored and if you take care of them, they lasts for a long time. They are easy to wear, you can just pin them among your own hair strands and no one will notice. However, if you have really thin hair and clips would burden them, choose thinner clips with thinner strands.

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