Men’s hairstyles 2013

Men hairstyles 2013 inspirations

Fashion trends change constantly year after year. We prepared some tips, to give you an overview of the fashion trends in men’s hairstyles for 2013. Men’s hairstyles trends have fewer variants than women’s, usually there is only one main trend. In 2013, the top trend is long fringe with huge amount of variations (for example short side hair with long fringe).

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Men’s hairstyles 2013

Hairstyles for men, as it has been said in the introduction, will consists mainly with fringe. Let’s take a look at several types of trendy men’s hairstyles fringes.

Gelled hair backwards

Perhaps you remember this trend from the past. In action movies, “bad boys” have gelled hair backwards and look tough. But now, this type of hairstyle says about the elegance and style of the owner. Long and semi-long hair are needed for this men’s hairstyle. You can dry them after washing and comb backwards. When they are almost dry, apply styling gel to your finger tips , and move along the length of your hair. The last step is to adjust the direction of your fringe. Remember, imagination doesn’t know any boundaries. But beware, ordinary straight gelled hair are not so original, so get inspiration in our gallery:

Lifted fringes

This type of hairstyle offers the greatest flexibility in style and design. Keep your hands to model your hair according to your deepest fantasies. Exotic shapes and types are suitable as well as neatly lifted fringes, which tend to touch the perfection.

Fringe over face

Fringe freely fallen over your face evokes the natural character of your hair, but if you helps the nature, you can be sure that your hair will hold the shape as long as you need. After washing your hair, let them dry in the air, don’t use hair dryer. Then apply styling gel or wax to your fingers and put on top layer of your hair. You can direct them to your face as they naturally falling down and then let the gel or wax dry. You can see the outcome in the following images:

Spike hairstyles

Spike men’s hairstyles have been also there times ago, but they come back with a little bit of variation. Apply the wax to the hair and adjust your hair to spike, but with the base over the top of your head. It’s better to see once than to hear hundred times, so let’s have a look in our gallery to the last image:

Get inspiration in our “men’s hairstyles 2013” galleries and definitely try some of them.

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